Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Price Increase in 2018

The Koon's Park Memorial Swim Club board has determined that we have to raise our rates beginning January 1, 2018. We have not raised prices for at least 10 years and the board thought long and hard concerning this action. Below are the three main reasons for the price increase:

1.       Our expenses have risen over the years. Water, electricity, trash, phone, labor expenses (lifeguards, etc.), chemicals, maintenance, pool paint, insurance, payroll management, etc. have all increased.
2.       We have made many major improvements to the pool. This is not the same pool from even four years ago.
3.       If you check, we think our rates are still lower than other pools in the area.

The new pricing is as follows:
     Family of up to 6 people----$270.00
     Single person------------------$170.00