Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Koons Pool is proceeding with extensive improvements and repairs to the baby pool as pictured above. The baby pool has been a source of problems for many years. We are upgrading the pump and sand filter for the pool and moving them to a new location closer to the pool and replacing all the pipes. It has been suggested that the addition of a Sprinkler Flower in the middle of the baby pool would not only be attractive, but would add to the enjoyment of the youngest members, for years to come.  Since all the pipes servicing the pool are being replaced and the floor has been opened up, now is the perfect time to add this water feature.
This is an expensive project and to be able to afford it the board planned to delay the purchase and installation of the actual water feature. All the plumbing will be installed now and the feature would be installed at a latter date when we had the funds. The Koons Pool board decided that it is important to have the water feature ready to go at the beginning of the 2021 season. Therefore, we are seeking donations to pay the cost of the sprinkler flower pictured above. The cost of the flower and installation is $5,445. Any individual, organization or business that contributes $500 or more will have their names displayed in a prominent location, where all members and guests will be reminded which community partners made this baby pool addition possible.  
Please contact the board at: email- or text to 717-439-1033.
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