Saturday, April 30, 2016

Great Things Happened at Koon's Pool Last Spring And Are Continuing to Happen!

Koon's Pool received a $25,000 grant for much needed upgrades and improvements last year. Here is a list of changes you should have noticed last summer.

1. The pool was connected to the public water system and will no longer have to rely entirely on a well.
2. The cracked and patched concrete pool deck in front of the snack bar was replaced.
3. New railings were installed at the steps in the shallow end of the dive pool.
4. New privacy panels at the entrances to the bath house replaced the old curved ones and were designed so guests will be able to use the full width of the opening. Wheel chairs will then be able to use the entrances.

Other changes included:
1. The baby pool has been repaired and will be operating this summer.
2. Arrangements were made for better upkeep of the lawn and trimming.
3. General maintenance and cleanup were improved to keep the pool looking as good as possible.
4. A Boy Scout from Troop 68 in Linglestown, for his Eagle Project, has painted all the existing picnic tables and constructed nine more.
5. Another Boy Scout is planning to install shade sails in the pool for his Eagle Project in next year or two. That will give the pool some much needed shade.

Future improvements for 2017:
1. Hand rails will be installed at the diving board.
2. Leak under the diving board HAS been repaired. No more water by the back of the diving board.
3. Robotic pool cleaner will be purchased to keep the pool cleaner, especially the bottom.
4. Lifeguards will all wear bathing suits identifying them as lifeguards.
5. Hopefully the shade sails will be installed before the Memorial Day opening.