Saturday, April 30, 2016

Great Things are Happening at Koons Pool And Will Continuine to Happen!

The Koons Pool board has embarked on a general improvement program to make our pool the best pool in the area.

Improvements for 2017:
1. Hand rails have been installed at the diving board.
2. Leak under the diving board HAS been repaired. No more water by the back of the diving board.
3. Robotic pool cleaner has been purchased to keep the pool cleaner, especially the bottom.
4. Lifeguards now all wear bathing suits identifying them as lifeguards.
5. Shade sails have been installed providing much needed shade to the pool area.  They have    turned out to be very popular with the guests.
6. Our Facebook page has been completely revamped and has been a big hit with anyone who visits.

Improvements for 2018:
1. All the major pipes in the pump area will be replaced. These pipes are original from when the pool was constructed and are in bad shape. If anything should break in this area the pool would be closed for a long time.
2. More repairs are being made to the baby pool to stop leaks.
3. Interior areas of the pools are being painted.

Improvements for 2019:
1. A spruce up day was planned for members to come out to the pool to help paint picnic tables, benches and other jobs that will make the pool look nicer.
2. The large crack on the bottom of the dive pool has been repaired.
3. The dive pool has been patched and received two coats of paint.
4. The pool has received a grant and we were able to paint all the interior and exterior of the buildings. This is a major project we are glad to have it completed before the 2019 season.

Improvements for 2020:
1. Two brand new main pumps replaced the ones that were over 60 years old.
2. Speed controls were installed to operate the new pumps which reduced our electric bill by almost 50%.
3. The old disintigrating coping around the lap pool has been replaced.

Improvements for 2021:
1. The baby pool is receiveing all new water lines, new larger filter and new larger pump.
2. The larger pump is required to supply the new exciting water feature being added to the baby pool.
3. The chain link fence between the bathhouse and the snack bar is receiving new white slats which will greatly improve the appearance of the fence.
4. Two new life guard chairs were purchased this past August and two old chairs removed.
5. All new trash cans were placed around the pool area.

Improvements for 2022:
1. Four new lounge chairs to use around the pool.
2. Baby pool and lap pool will be completely repainted.
3. Various behind the scenes improvements to enhance our guests exprience.
4. Painting the floors of the bath houses.